Yfi organizes a variety of workshops for beginners or more advanced, children and adults. We have our permanent workshops throughout the year, as well as popup workshops. You can be informed about our programs through our newsletter. So, stay tuned!

Workshops for Adults

Four-week workshops: Invitation for dinner
Yfi ceramics hosts up to 3 ceramic workshops: plate, bowl, cup.
Each of them will be completed in 4 3-hours meetings, in which you will learn the basic techniques of clay formulation:

  • First contact with the material and the process of shaping / object design.
  • Basic ceramic techniques / object construction.
  • Processing and decoration.
  • Final step – glazing.

Yfi welcomes you either being advanced or beginner, or simply interested in the Ceramic Art and the process of using your ideas to custom made tableware.

Pop Up Workshops

Creativity has no boundaries! In Yfi you can find different kinds of workshops for adults and children with a variety of subjects. Just enjoy and keep up with our news!

Private Lessons

If you like to attend our private lessons, either because you wish to create something very specific, or because you just prefer individual work, you may contact us in order to arrange it. Our private lessons consist of a 2 hours class, once a week.

Open Day

Yfi gives the chance to people who have an experience in ceramic art but no space to work, to create their own projects. Apart from lessons, our studio becomes yours for some hours of the week and you can feel free to express yourself. Choose between dropping in or keeping your space for one month!