Clay and its products have primarily to do with the sense of touch. So, we named our workshop Yfi (texture), realizing the pleasure we take in this playful combination of the material’s surface and the sense. Yfi consists of the three of us, Nikolina, Antigone and Aimilia.

With studies on Industrial Design, Pedagogy and Psychology, we came to love ceramics through the workshops to which we apprenticed. When we first worked as a team in 2015, we started with the creation of “pleasing” ceramic objects. Along the way, we have designed and produced custom made ceramic tableware for restaurants. Since 2017 we have our own studio in Petralona, where we continue to work expanding our creations to meet other fields as well.


I was born in Patra at 1986 and moved to Athens when I was 12. Since then I fell in love with ceramics and started to get trained in the studio of M. & E. Sklavaina in Marousi. Although my dream was to work as ceramist, I chose to study Filosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology studies (Kapodistriako University of Athens//2009) and then focused on Special Education (Aegean University, 2009) and Alternative ways in Psychopedagogy (University of Crete, 2011-2016), without never losing my passion and connection with clay (F. Bora, Rethymno). Working as a ceramics educator for disabled adults gave me a wider perspective in my art and meeting my partners led me to fulfil my dream by creating the cooperative studio Yfi.

For me Yfi is a space that gives freedom for experiment and expression , always willing to achieve a balanced relationship with the clay in the process of creation. Ceramic art above all is a game of emotions leading finally to an aesthetic result!


I was born in Kalamata, in May, 1986. Since I was young I remember myself enjoying artsy hobbies and finding inspiration in creativity of my mother and my older sister. After that it was more than expected to choose an artistic scope of studies. This is how in the age of 18 I landed in Syros, studding product and System design engineering.

During my studies i took the chance to get the knowledge and the professional experience in jewelry design (Santa Fylla Studio) and furnishing design and structure (Zound Systems Studio). But most of all I had the chance to meet Sofia Trigoni, an inspiring woman that took me tο the world of ceramic art. After all these experiences it was clear to me where exactly I would find my path. This is how I found my two partners and friends sharing the same perception. Together we were able to score our dream studio space! Our base is in Athens and through our workshop is transparent to me that after all, my work is intended to bring life into other homes — to be a refresher in a world of casted, symmetrical, and manufactured goods.


I was born in March 1988, in Athens. At the age of 17, I left for Syros to study Design Engineering. I was hooked by the island, so I lived there for ten whole years. During my stay, I had my first contact with Ceramics at Sofia Trigoni’s workshop. It was love at first sight. When I got back to Athens, I continued my studies in this art at Gianni Mamoutzi’s workshop.

What I enjoy best, is to hold a piece of clay in my hands and let myself surrender and be guided by the material itself. It’s a feeling of utmost freedom and creation in every sense.


13/9/2019Cheapart 84TIF | Artists & Designers in Dialogue
Group exhibition
Hosted by Tiff helexpo in Thessaloniki city where designers and artist present their aesthetic aspects.

17/09/2020 – “Ancient Vibes in Contemporary Ceramics
Group exhibition
In collaboration with MON COIN gallery in Athens and along with the artworks of 35 ceramic artists, the show presented the “Ancient” from other visual artists perspective.

31/12/2019 – “Designers Pavilion III
Group exhibition
Hosted and organized by WISEDOG in Larissa city, 35 greek designers present their one of a kind production.

14/4/2019 – “Soirée De Ceramique V
Group exhibition
Hosted by Mamoutzis Ceramic Sculpture + Design studio, we presented “IM-PERFECT”, our perspective on art and defective production.