K.W.E.T.A. (Kenyan women empowering talents in Athens) Community adults workoshop 2019
Kweta with Yfi
It was an honor to cooperate and exchange experiences with this group of women in a series of workshops dedicated to ceramics and based on different subjects from making useful objects to decorative ones painted with colorful patterns inspired from their own culture.

Stegi Onasis Foundation and Anastasia Douka Adults Workshop (2019) “Gifts of the Materials”
Stegi & Anastasia Douka with Yfi
In the context of “the gifts of the materials”, a series of workshops with different kind of arts designed by Anastasia Douka for Stegi, we created a circle of sessions that the participants had the chance to take part of all the steps in the creation of a ceramic object.

Kindergarden 142o Athens and Natalie Kazouli in the Context of Educational Programme of Municipality of Athens Kid’s Community Workshop (2019)
We were invited by this multicultural kindengarden to make a workshop for creatin small statues, based on Cycladic idols, allowing the children to freely express their imagination in clay.The result and the hole experience were astonishing and we all enojyed it.

KIDoglaz Freelearn Cinelab (E.Vlaxakis) Kid’s Workshop (2019) Clay stop Motion”
Yfi in stop motion cinematography
In this inspiring workshop kids made their first steps in filming and created a movie based on their own imaginary story and with actors that they have made of clay and other materials.

Christmas Meet market // Kid’s Workshop (2018)
Yfi in Christmas Meetmarket
Games full of action and creation in Meet market Bazaar gave the chance to all children to make a break with joyful activities and play with clay near their favorite Christmas heroes.