Resident Artists

Our studio is open for artists working on clay from all over the world. We invite ceramic artists to share our studio and exchange inspiration, ideas and knowledge. For more information and details, please contact us direct.

Plano Jewelleries

Hey! We are “plano jewelleries”, a slow fashion brand of jewelleries by clay, natural and polymer. Οur philosophy is to make sustainable jewels that you like and enjoy! After our first contact with clay, at “Kokovlis ceramics” lab in Chania, we realized that was love for life! Now you can find us and our crafts at “yfi ceramics” lab.

Our team consists of two architects and one graphic designer so we are addicted to geometric designs and to create special concepts about our collections. Plano jewelleries are colorful, geometrical, minimal and clay as a raw material makes them unique!

Yulya Zhuravleva

It’s me, Yulya Zhuravleva! I’m ceramic artist from Russia. I’ve been doing ceramics for 3 years and spent one of them in YFI Ceramics. I believe, clay is a living creature with its own character, feelings and language that teaches you at every
stage of creation. Therefore, the main task for me is to find a common language with clay and only then will ceramics be able to show you everything I want to tell you!

I work mostly in the hand-sculpting technique with abstract shapes, interior details, experimenting with glazes. I always find my inspiration in nature, body and feelings using my hands and stones that makes the process something even more sacred. It feels like the continuation of nature. It looks perfect, but never complete.